Thursday, 16 October 2014


Simple Solution

China wants India and Pakistan to hold dialogue and not fight. Sage words by a strong neighbour, no doubt. But what exactly China has been doing to solve its border dispute with India? Dialogues, for sure, but added to that are the veiled threats --- PLA folks too close for India's comfort.

India must not fall into the trap of peace talks and gestures --- cricket matches, inviting Pak prime minister and the like.Those are good photo-ops, good copies for media with loads of sound bytes. But the reality is quite different. Pakistan is a country where corruption is rampant; a large section of the population lives in poverty, without education, home or money. And of course there are sectarian clashes that adds up to the woes of a troubled country caught in a web of terrorists-America-drones-mullahs-army-ISI-vested political groups and more. How can anyone expect that any peace talk with such a country to be fruitful? It will be quite useless to talk peace with Pakistan and expect that good sense will prevail. For the politicians and the army there, India is the best distraction from all the troubles the people in Pakistan face. Jingoism sells, just as it does in India. 

I am not a peacenik who feels that there has to be people-to-people dialogue to bring about changes in both the countries. I am also not among the hawks who think that India and Pakistan will have to be eternal enemies. But reality cannot be ignored. The folly of taking the Kashmir issue to the United Nations will continue to haunt us in India and the only solution to this problem can be through the use of armed forces --- not against the people of Kashmir, but against those anti-India forces. Simply put, peace can be achieved only through a military action. If we keep suffering Pakistani madness, we cannot focus on other issues in India --- eradication of poverty being the most important among them, besides internal insurgency. 

But I doubt whether the current government in New Delhi is willing to take that risk. It is more keen about 'development' agenda, and in order to do that the Modi government would much rather avoid the 'conflict mode' than exterminate our enemies. 

One may argue that recent ceasefire violations by Pakistan was firmly retaliated by the Indian forces after being so directed by the government. But that doesn't put an end to the Kashmir problem. That problem needs to be dealt with firmly. There has to be a permanent solution, if not final. We need a humane approach while dealing with people of Kashmir who feel India is their enemy --- which is not the case at all. We Indians have nothing against people of Kashmir; they are very much our own. But we need to get extremely tough with Pakistan and its backers. We need to show that we are not willing to budge and Pakistan can go to hell. Let the Indian Army be allowed to teach Pakistan a good lesson once for all. We must get rid of those crooks across the border. It's not jingoism. It's a practical solution. It will also help civilised people of Pakistan later. They will get an opportunity to rebuild their country into a modern, pluralistic nation.