Sunday, 12 October 2014

Thoughts near a tomb

Humayun's Tomb, Delhi
Photo by Biswadip Mitra
January 2014
চি ত্র : বি শ্ব দী প  মি ত্র , জা নু য়া রী ২০১৪

it was january 26 this year when i thought of spending some time at the precinct and reflect upon the country i call my own, despite being aloof from the processes that is shaping and defining this nation.

from the days of humayun to a modern republic --- india has changed so much that i wonder what humayun would have thought of us, the indians. 

as i walked all over the precinct, after a visit to the main tomb, i had several questions bubbling in my mind. the most important among them was whether it is possible for us to become a pluralistic nation in spirit, and not just in letters. are we good enough for that?

the sun called it a day, and yet i had no answer except a sliver of hope that one day india, as we call it, will be a nation utilising all the positive strengths. and for that we need to look inwards first. put ourselves in the 'hardtalk' mode, and excel in our respective fields. maybe someday...